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  • This double sided collapsible reflector offers the ideal solution to the control for reflected light.
  • Gold: produces a natural, golden fill that is great for sunsets, jewelry, and indoor portraits.
  • The silver side is very reflective and brightens both shadows and highlights, but does not change the color of the available light.
  • Comes with a zippered carrying bag for convenient to carry.
  • Ideal for wedding studio, art portrait, child photography, advertising products, and landscapes for fill light.

Größe:60cm Gold/Silver

Handheld 2 in 1 Light Reflector, CAM-ULATA Photography Studio Video Triangular Portable Collapsible Disc Reflector with Easy Grip Handle and Carry Bag.

- This 2 in 1 Handheld triangular reflector is regularly used in photography and cinematography, is used as a reflective surface to redirect light towards a given object or scene.
- Suitable for all studio flash, a quick and easy way to produce beatiful diffused light, great for portraits and product shooting.
- Convenient Grip for comfortable holding during a shoot.
- Folds easily to fit in its case.

Packing List:
- 1 x Handheld 2 in 1 Light Reflector.
- Carry Case.

- Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support.

EAN / Artikelnummer JS-LR-1503
Artikelgewicht 132 g
Produktabmessungen 15 x 15 x 5 cm
Herstellerreferenz JS-LR-1503
Größe 60cm Gold/Silver
Batterien inbegriffen Nein
Batterien notwendig Nein
Gewicht 130 Gramm
Produktgewicht inkl. Verpackung 132 g
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